Keep Your Outdoor Space Beautiful

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Lawn Care

Whether planting, sodding, mowing, fertilizing, edging, aeration, or irrigation work, we can keep your outdoor spaces lush and inviting all season. 

Trees & Plants

We can plant and maintain everything from large trees to plants, shrubs, and gardens. We can add rocks, mulch, and other accents to complete your space.  

Snow Removal

In the snowy season, we’ll remove the snow from your roof, driveway, and walkways. We use safe tools to maintain your home and driveway surfaces.

Property Mgmt

Own a property and need help?  We can assist your guests, perform handyman services, monitor your home’s systems, and more, helping you relax.

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About Us

Our business provides landscaping and outdoor maintenance services for the Crested Butte area. We also manage properties, helping with indoor and outdoor maintenance services. We’ve got you covered in spring, summer, fall, and winter!

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