Lawns & Irrigation

We keep your lawn looking lush & green

Let Your Lawn Make a Statement

Your lawn is a central element in outdoor landscaping; our passion is ensuring it looks great. We can install your lawn (sod or seed), service or expand your existing irrigation system, and maintain everything each season. Whether you need complete lawn care, or just mowing, edging, fertilizing, or aerating, we have you covered! We can also help you enhance your lawn with lighting, borders, and pathways.  We use organic fertilizers to ensure safety for your family, the wildlife, and the planet. We have over 20 years of experience and are certified irrigation technicians.  
crested butte lawn and garden sprinklers
crested butte lawn and garden aerating
crested butte lawn and garden lawn
crested butte lawn and garden mowing

Ready to Move Forward?

Let's discuss your specific needs, and we'll create a free quote for you. Need annual aeration, sprinkler start-up, or sprinkler winterization? Let's put you on the list!

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