Trees & Plants

Add color & shade to your outdoor space

Beautify Your Outdoor Space

Plants add texture, color, and dimension to your landscaping. We’re here to advise and help you create a beautiful and functional outdoor space.  Whether it’s flowers, shrubs, or trees, we can plant them and maintain them throughout the season.  For new trees, we’ll carefully winterize them and wrap them in burlap before the snow falls. Need irrigation for your new additions?  We can expand your irrigation and install drip lines. We’ll also install or repair borders and walkways.

crested butte lawn and garden planting
Crested Butte Lawn and Garden gravel foot path
Crested Butte Lawn and Garden trees
Crested Butte Lawn and Garden gardening tools

Ready to Move Forward?

Let's discuss your specific needs, and we'll create a free quote for you. Need annual tree-winterizing? Let's put you on the list!

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